No excuse

You can be your own enemy your worst nightmare,
Or you could be your own hero a King to something beautiful.

Stop from now on, saying I can’t do this maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.

No! I’m going to do it today, because think..
there’s no tomorrow,

If you don’t even try what can be achieved today. Who needs tomorrow?

You know what’s at stake.
We all know, it’s those negative excuses That you’d rather do think be apart of, cause of the fear your not willing to face.

We all talk the talk, we all complain, we all say one day I’ll try.

Why even begin to talk if your not willing to walk, run, crawl, bleed for it.

Sweat for it, cry for it. Stop smashing your head against the wall.

Saying I can’t do this.
Say I’m going to do it, I will master it I can master it!.

Make it as easy as breathing. Make it the first thing you think of,
The last thing you think of. Repeat it daily, Make it the routine.

You are the routine program your self. Like brushing your teeth every day.

Do it so you don’t even think your doing it so it happens naturally.

Even if you have to start thinking- if you don’t achieve it… your nothing.

When you accomplish it You know it.
Its not the end it’s the beginning
Of something great you can’t live without it.
You become addicted to it.

This is where you want to be.
When your here there’s no stopping you.

My last poem

I’ve known you for most of my life we both said forever,

Now in your presence I don’t know the person who stands in front of me,

We became strangers over time when we were lovers,

Hugs and kisses felt empty time and effort was never,

Why do we stay to see where we go it’s where we stay and stay we must not,

I’m tired of this thing that’s never going to let go it’s eaten at the flesh and now it won’t stop,

I know now see what it lays beneath me I see it from a distance,

Can’t get back what we had can’t move forward cause of the passed,

Tell me I’m lying even if you did, believing you would go against my belief,

Should I stop trying should I lay low should I stop caring,

Nope I can always stop trying I can never stop caring who am I fooling,

The mind can always be fooled my heart can never be,

I know now that you’ve made up your mind I can see it,

Blinded by the curtain veil that’s covered over your eyes,

There was a time long ago a time what we said meant something,

Words blown across without actions speaks volumes,

We started off as two Red roses that always blossomed,

Now we sit and watch it crumble into a dozen black roses,

Slowly ever so slow dying of thirst my rose petal shall now die alone,


Hearing the dreadful news where my life will be heading without you,

I close off all emotion all being don’t know how to be, don’t know how to act,

Blossom smiles is what I remember when I saw you in the past,

Now it’s waterfall tears when the topic is brought up we can’t run nor hide,

Even tho you love me time will pass your begin to dislike me it’s inevitable now,

It’s suffocating both of us we won’t come to terms of the truth we know,

So we hang on to false hope through the year’s that were make it work,

As hope slips through are fingers like sand it’s hard to get a grip on what are future will be,

We always said we were unbreakable I guess everything can break in time,

Outta sight out of mind

The moment I take the time out to focus on you,
my blood quivers my hands shed sweat particles,
lungs filled with lasting excitement of the unknown,
What will be What I’ll see What maybe What could be,

Hidden to whom revels touch not by hand or by mouth,
The pressure is like an overheated hot valve pipe,
Vibrations often suffering from heartburn our daily,
So retreating is the best possible way to keep sane,
Outta sight out of mind, Outta of vibes out of time,

Baby your my shorty

Now I know your all I want,
Now I know your all I need,
Now I know your all I got,
Cause baby your my shorty,
We’re tearing down the freeway With the lights beaming all the way we’re both on a hype from the announcement I made earlier that day.

Now she’s wearing a 24ct gold diamond ring and said till death do us part we will grow old together there’s no taring us apart.

She said I always wanted you now you have the full length of my heart fuck what people say and think their views and opinions don’t affect the love we share.

It’s hard to keep my eyes focused with this thick fog on the road when the view on my left arouses me the most.

Cold air con turned on as her hair starts to sway love the smell of her scent and that lotion she puts on her body for me most days.

she whispers in my ear Do me naughty do me sticky want it rough and hard so come on baby bring it on me.

Begins to push my hand down right between her thighs while I’m flipping my hand between the manual stick and watching her do her thing.

Now I know your all I want,
Now I know your all I need,
Now I know your all I got,
Cause baby your my shorty,

She sits on my lap and pulls her skirt up thongs to the side zips me down and gets it up before inserting it into that tight honey cup.

Hearts our beating sweat is dripping I pull her hair to the right side Slipping on the gears driving down a 60 lane we almost clocked 100.

We’re grinding down the highway foots full on the gas windows start to heat up like were in are sauna as we both in the moment I slip focus for a moment.

Hit a Lorry full on as she slips through my arms she smashes through the window bits of glass spit across my face.

As I sink into that hole of regrets of no coming back my heart left with her that night.

Now I know your all I had
Now I know your all I grieve
Now I know your all I loved
Cause baby you were my shorty,

The day of the funeral was the day of all eyes on me that shot through me hateful eyes that penatrated me.

No tears rolled down my face that day was dried up from having a broken heart my skin tones brown but my shadow was white.

They all blamed me cause I was the one driving I was the one who took that risk and lost control of the steering wheel a big price to pay and a life of sin.

Looking back now I was an ultimate fool cause even tho I held you in my arms where you should of been safe was all my fault and the guilt still eats me alive till this day.

As I write the memories we shared and the good times we had time fly’s that was 5 years ago the last time I held your hand.

Dreams are recurring that wakes me up in shakes you was always my chick from the very first moment I laid eyes on you and saw your gorgeous face.

Now I know your all I want
Now I know your all I need,
Now I know your all I had,
Cause baby you were my shorty,

If there were a time machine and the rules stated it takes 20 years of my life I’d take the jump without hesitation.

Just to spend another night with you Because life in my eyes without Your shorty is a life not living at all.

I should of pulled over on the highway and never put our life’s in danger you was the life of me you were the love of my life you was the air I breathed you was the soul of me.

Now it’s time to let you go I’ll see you in the next life shorty so save a seat for me will heaven have a place for me will the almighty let me in.

By any chance your looking down on me keep me up right out of the guilt hole and standing tall and I hope one day were meet again and your forgive me.
Now I know your all I had,
Now I know your all I loved,
Now I know your all I was,
Cause baby you were my shorty,

This Is Why I Love You

You got the strength of a weight of a planet,

Even with all that pressure you still get on to do your daily tasks,

You’ve had endless tears that could extinguish a forest fire,

You got a warming heart that could melt an ice age,

You got the love of a thousand hearts all pumping out that flawless beat,

You make everyone around you feel good about themselves,

The aura which surrounds you is beautiful in many ways,

Thoughtful, Kind, Caring, Loving with a bag of positivity,

Anything you put your mind to you never fail,

If failure was a part of it you would pick it back up till you accomplished it,