No excuses

You can be your own enemy your worst nightmare,
Or you could be your own hero a King to something beautiful.

Stop from now on, saying I can’t do this maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.

No! I’m going to do it today, because think..
there’s no tomorrow,

If you don’t even try what can be achieved today. Who needs tomorrow?

You know what’s at stake.
We all know, it’s those negative excuses That you’d rather do think be apart of, cause of the fear your not willing to face.

We all talk the talk, we all complain, we all say one day I’ll try.

Why even begin to talk if your not willing to walk, run, crawl, bleed for it.

Sweat for it, cry for it. Stop smashing your head against the wall.

Saying I can’t do this.
Say I’m going to do it, I will master it I can master it!.

Make it as easy as breathing. Make it the first thing you think of,
The last thing you think of. Repeat it daily, Make it the routine.

You are the routine program your self. Like brushing your teeth every day.

Do it so you don’t even think your doing it so it happens naturally.

Even if you have to start thinking- if you don’t achieve it… your nothing.

When you accomplish it You know it.
Its not the end it’s the beginning
Of something great you can’t live without it.
You become addicted to it.

This is where you want to be.
When your here there’s no stopping you.