You want the truth about Who I am, Fine I’m Savage I don’t hold Nothing Back, I keep My Circles small so Small You’d barely See,

Because that’s who I am, I’m here and there I’m  laughing and Joking Then I’m out, Why Stick around For air as Air ain’t enough to keep a guy like me around,

No one said no one believed That one Day out of decades I’d finally become “Me”,  When I came they Question my ability They Question who I was and what I stood for,

Keep Questioning because Questions without answers is a mind blown affair, Mistreated like dipping Acid on skin which burns flesh seeps mucus that exposes raw flesh,

Like I Said I don’t Give a fuck I’ve all ready hit rock bottom before as actions drum me with Heat of problems, Not looking to go back down the ladder that’s why I’m constantly active,

When I am not I can be chilled tho my mind never shuts off I have to keep writing I have to finish the next chapter as feelings are closed off,

So I put pen to paper to express what I’m actually feeling as I find something being said by mouth doesn’t give it justification as how words hit each note of your minds wisdom,

I gotta keep coming in and out of this sync because my write flow can change at a minutes notice, Guess I’m some what of a story teller as my addicted audience love bait dangled from ink,