Be yourself,

I lay awake and think deep within my mind and watch the oceans bounce off sounds,

For the shortness of a moment I feel my body laying across the pebal rocks,

With the waves of wind that travels across my body and the bitter salt,

That smothers my air lungs through nostrils and dry tongue,

With each wave that catches and brings one layer of knowledge,

That some day one day when it comes it will all make sense,

When I was hurt, When I was mind free, When I wasn’t thinking how I normally think,

You say I’m a player in the making, I laugh because even tho that’s what I could be,

That’s not me that’s never been me, and why Lie or try to be something you our not,

That’s not me, I’m real with faults and the faults that come with me I accept,

I know I’m good looking I know I have charisma, as I denied for a while that relationships weren’t for me,

In all honesty Relationships are the only real thing on a higher deeper level that I’ve always choosed to be,

It is What It is,

Day dreaming is all I do when I look up to the sky I see the often moments that drift passed and I ignore what the truth is staring around me all the time,

I need a Queen who knows what boundries mean cross me and I’ll Cr*ss you off like a scramble book,

Be in my good books and it’s only candle lit dinners with a lil bit of Romance, fountains of froth not only from the drinks were be drinking and juices coming in from every direction,

Never again is crumbs that I’ll accept again it has to be the whole loaf of bread, with every different topping as I’ll become bored in the end,

I’ll melt you down with just my eyes as you begin to fold then hold on to my arms and begin to dream, of all the different positions I’ll have you in,

You know I’m not being or trying to be Big headed I’m just gazing  looking directly and seeing and reading you like you have never been read before,

Call me Mr Meg  for a short moment because your nervous and scared not knowing what the next moment will be but I know it all,

F*ck what people think that’s why Privacy is important to me, I don’t like people in my business because without eyes I do and will do as I please,

So roll with me enjoy what we was meant to be without Judging from both sides lean on me as I stroke you in places you want to be,

I drift in and out as a Mistery stop trying to figure out why his such a Mistery, your never understand so just enjoy it for what it is,


Wow, Is the first word I want to say because when you go through your single period you always think you don’t want to be in the company of another woman while your going through heart ache.

Then time goes on and you begin to like that idea well for me it was like that and No I didn’t have oneitis at all because even tho I lost the love that I once knew I knew deep down that was the only way it had to end.

So for me shutting off was much easier but at the same time I just wanted to be alone and focus all my energy on myself and come out on top with a more balanced mindset.

So now I’m here now on top of everything I hold value over, Not saying I’ll be running into another relationship any time soon but I see the light at the end of the tunnel now and it’s a beautiful sight.


The moment I let go is the moment I realise that letting go isn’t as bad and scary as your mind assures you that it is,

Just how a leaf breaks and falls from its roots it’s never going to land on its feet,

It may blow a few metres as my feet walk miles with the wind not mapped out on direction with no cursor,

Whichever way it lands it manages to catch each drop of water-absorbing each corner,

The endless mind is our gateway even tho most of us use the same paths to accomplish what we see as our dreams,

So the moral of this is even when the leaf broke free it still blossomed into it’s all it could be,

Loneliness kills us slow,


I often see a lady walk miles a day with no plan at hand, She walks the same route everyday,

As she always has a cigarette in her hand, Puffing big clouds of smoke of regret from her mouth,

She seems like a women who has the world on her shoulders, A heavy mind with no One to talk to or even turn too,

I feel sorry for her because it seems she’s punishing her self, for whatever reason not known to me,

We can only see passed the first layer of ones being with first sight, as minds always assume with unknown,

Always wearing the same clothes without one piece of clothing out of its place,

Up and down as she shimners on the path I never see her with anyone else,

I’ve been meaning to approach with a smile or just a hello, I’ll see what tomorrow brings if she passes me on my road,


Why does Love have such a hold over us,
If you allow it it can make us powerless,

How can such a nice thing bleed us dry,
Suck every ounce that use to be pure,

That had a true meaning which we lived for,
As you part you can take the battle scars,

I layed and closed my eyes and saw darkness Rip through my mind, it came with waves,

It came with hate, As Sadness rained, I walked around like a lost soul which couldn’t find it’s  home,

couldn’t shut off wouldnt shut off, Just like a broken tap as it dripped with bare emotions,

It took it all away in the end, I became who I am now, as I sit and glow I remember how weak I use to be,

I will never loose myself, I will never throw all my cards on the table, Yet I will never fold,

Love will never take control and I she’ll never fully submit,

Be free

Time is of the essence where minds got to be strong, Winds blowing on the front porches with distance helding on,

Crashing rocks each mornings as cold air fills your lungs,

Laying on the dirt soaking up the tide as minds collapse of the wrongs that puts out the cries,

Corners of thy lips edges of once kissed places that meant something, now becomes extinct,

Leaving in its mourn blurred visions as feelings become no more,

hearts will spasm where hearts cannot deny, Whistles humming as they rise upon a lie,

Figures catching eyes spirits catching on shadows of remorse bodies not incline,

Smiles of joy as you part seperate ways, giving up the drama,

As you spread your wings, Now you’re free to fly, With no more headaches which comes with zero regrets,