No plan

My next date I want it to be without a thought in plan whatever train comes first we jump on it wherever it takes us that’s the strategy,

If that be flying in the clouds looking down at towns with surrounding forests with bubbles in are glasses and smiles that last,

It could be here there or anywhere even on a ship with the wind and smell of the salty sea,

Something that brings adventure which comes with stepping with our feet,

I’d be happy sitting on a park bench eating fish and chips than to be sitting in a restaurant doing the same old shit,

Just hang me from a rock with a rope or two looking down at the view, feelings of adrenaline is something that I now crave for all because of you,

parachute and bungee jumping is totally still out of the question,

I’ll just stick myself on a hill with two skies on and push myself down the slope into a new dimension, 🙏


I find seduction without speaking is at its best with women who flirt with there eyes,

Your never hear them telling you anything yet it’s the gaze that keeps you intrigued,

It’s the movements the flick of the hair and tongue with wet lips with crossed legs,

knowing they want it just as bad as you do thinking which part of them your start with,

If you start entirely at all or you could just long it out even more with a delay of hesitation,

As you have my eyes on you your always have my full intuned observation and attention,

So come lay with me and let me examine every curve and part of your body you’ve kept hidden,

Get out

The worst kinda mental health is the one’s who act normal yet you can always tell cause they’re bitter,

They walk around thinking that their opinion is always in the right they’re the know it all’s,

You never know if you’re coming or going with them and when they smile, your never know if it’s genuine or fake,

When their up which isn’t often they are happy people, and when they are down they will pull you down with them,

Constantly sit and tell you how bad the world is but remember you have to agree with everything they say,

Because if you don’t your just as bad as the world, Your just like the world your nothing,

Hidden Pages

I want a book that is uncoloured that has marks in it, That has lived more than one life,

worn and tared that is hoping that somewhere whoever Picks it up will understand,

It doesn’t matter how many tears are in them it doesn’t matter how many hands have stroked through them,

What it is I want, What it is I crave, You either  love it unconditionally or you don’t love it at all,


Relationships can be like a rope with nothing hinged on each side as it comes and goes with tension that can pull on either side,

When you realise it’s not the rope keeping you together it’s all about balance give take and appreciation with a lot of other fundamentals,

The walk which is in your stride step by step it will never matter what mountain comes your way because you’d be equipped with the best climbing boots to survive and overcome,

Mind Crawl,

Just leave me be as depression rips through my mind that clouds often thoughts,

Which cannot be torn soft like feathers spawn crept into desert storms,

Blizzard forms as a face that carries weights of burden with a smile which is flawed,

Oh, and why a marathon of cries which weeps as cold dilute fractures indent behind my mask,

I now feel empty and misplaced as suffocation eats me alive like never before,

The Black Ocean,

Some of us struggle with life and were not ready for heart aches even tho life brings them are way,

As sadness rains with hopeless thoughts
Its all a test tho to see how we handle situations brought forward to us,

Are we strong enough to over come them, we all can put up a front some follow a script not written by them selfs,

They follow what others think is best, I can’t follow anybody I only can follow what I actually feel,

I use to feel like a captain who lost his ship in the black ocean swimming for dear life,

My tears were more Saltly then the oceans salty sea, I couldn’t get my head around the situation that bared forth in me,

Which lead me to put full blame on myself I was my own traumatised Victim and continued to drown in my own flooded tears,

After a while being in the sea all alone and cold barely able to breath and drinking my sorrows away,

I slipped into a black hole nothing but darkness no crashing waves, This was the only  time I had peace other then when I’m asleep,

My eyes opened I was drifted somewhere far far away in my mind still alone something struck me tho,

out of the water, out of my dealts, out of my blames, out of the victim, out of the pain, and mostly out of torturing myself,

For the very first time in a while I was happy I accepted it for what it was, My ship broke I still have my working hands tho,

The darkness of the black ocean is a place we often visit after suffering from heart ache,

Everyone explodes differently, Some she’d no tears, while the rest of us drown in are own salty tears,

Whispers and screams pull at each thred of our heart strings as it feels that this is the only person your ever share your love with,

That love that can’t be bought or sold, Those kisses that made chills run down your curved spines with Tingles and smiles,

They asked and you Ran, They cried and you gave your shoulder, They were I’ll and you made them feel better,

They were hopeless and you picked them back up, they were uncertain and you showed them the way, now your alone and you have to find your own way,

The black ocean many are still stuck here twisting thoughts with ifs and buts looking at every angle it doesn’t matter tho,

Because it always comes back to the same pattern, It ended but not forgotten still remains close to your punctured heart,

For now as time heals we don’t have much time so stop dweling on endless paths dwel on a knew foundation of a knew found love,

Don’t rush for Love let it find you not everyone you meet is true they could just be a stepping stone to share hope and wisdom with,

As you progress through a new chapter that you can form and feel brand new again,


I’m unrestrictedly bounded by chains of a Beast on the lookout which is you of his prey,

Without words speech of tongue, I’ve always found myself drawn to your presence which I don’t know why,

And yet it is not Love, You’ve always intrigued me just by appearances as the eyes they she’ll never lie to me,

Different is not of indifference as dispassion clouds the mind with insanity Lust which is neither insane,

Clear visions often come daily of deep sexual encounters of scarcely intuition of one’s imagination,

Only for one night,

I’m coming early just before the street lights rise in the morning mist,

So wait up for me cause we both know we can’t resist, what we both only know,

Doors open up as I slide my frosty hands down her butterfly silky pink spine,

Straight for her neck with dry kisses as hands explore the feels she adores,

Heads tilt-back through the winter storm ice-cold, as fire ignites between our bodies warmth,

Now we can be whoever we choose to be without denying our thoughts of impressions,

We lay together then connect as one after as if our bodies should never have been left alone,

Dying light,

Last night I dreamt of your face complexion
within it’s dying light,

Hands beared so deep and thoughts of you with me there’s no possibility,

That ever took place cause every day from tomorrow I can barely remember your face,

It’s a dream that often occurs when I’m at my lowest place,

I’m not afraid to admit it, As I’m not afraid to explore the fails of passed faults of my life,

No no no more,

So drop me down and drop me off to sleep where I can finally lay my head,

So drop me down and drop me off to sleep where I can finally lay and forget,

No no no more,

Put it out to rest,  put it out for good cause I can’t bare this pain no more,

No no no more,

As sweat drips of me like a fountain of thorns that stings across my open veins,

These empty wounds with empty cuts and empty shadows I can never ignore and I can never touch again,

I drifting so far away so far away from what I use to be, I can’t remember who I am these days,

From days to months will change into years with just the walls surrounding me,

As I begin to climb these walls that will eventually suffocate me forever more,