Be yourself,

I lay awake and think deep within my mind and watch the oceans bounce off sounds,

For the shortness of a moment I feel my body laying across the pebal rocks,

With the waves of wind that travels across my body and the bitter salt,

That smothers my air lungs through nostrils and dry tongue,

With each wave that catches and brings one layer of knowledge,

That some day one day when it comes it will all make sense,

When I was hurt, When I was mind free, When I wasn’t thinking how I normally think,

You say I’m a player in the making, I laugh because even tho that’s what I could be,

That’s not me that’s never been me, and why Lie or try to be something you our not,

That’s not me, I’m real with faults and the faults that come with me I accept,

I know I’m good looking I know I have charisma, as I denied for a while that relationships weren’t for me,

In all honesty Relationships are the only real thing on a higher deeper level that I’ve always choosed to be,

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