Dating scene

The dating scene is off the rails luckily for me I’m not thirty and desperate to run back into another relationship,

Suppose I could sit there and lie to get that warm apple pie, knowing my luck I’d get the sting from the cottage cheese fling,

Because what I’m actually looking at I’m not used to, I’m old school this is new school,

Gone of the days you could bring who you was to the table, now the first question is do you drive what car do you own,

Are you successful, what’s your yearly income feels like an interview which I didn’t bring my tie too,

If you fail any of the two questions you get thrown at the back of the list, Rather that cause I’m not hanging around like a paper clip,

Everythings show and palaver, Look at me and what I’m about,

I’m trying to look it’s hard to see what you’re about through the layers of low self-esteem,

That clogs up your face with all the doubt you polish over your skin,

It’s not all bad there’s some good when you can fight through the filters of cat noses and dog leashes that hide there looks,

I’m not judging just laying facts, Laying it all out like tare mack,

I think that’s why most stay in there hated relationships they’d rather stick with what they know,

Then to climb the chambers of rejection with swiping miss matching on this repetitive flow,

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