Mind games

Now You’ve grabbed my attention and all for the wrong Reasons, You ain’t gotta Justify To me or To Nobody,

But Your sitting there watching me from a far distance and those beady eyes our they even your eyes,

How do you brake down a shell which is closed off, How do you begin to reach out and say Hi, When there no where in sight,

I’m some what of a introvert I use to be a martyrdom, This was before tho when I was caught up in feelings now I’ve unpinned from the vicious cycle,

I feel like I’m in a middle of a connect four game, Who’s turn is it?  Sure I took my turn but you will sit there and gulp instead,

One of the reason’s I’m happy staying single is Because of the board game with to many pieces scattered out of place,

I don’t play Board games tho as that’s to much time and energy, but if I put my mind to it no doubt I’ll be champion 😉


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