98% Complete

I can’t  smile down on the misery road at a minutes notice flooding awakes my fold,

Storming down on its grace of its abundance  out of its place drifted from the basic of bases,

Pictures of that hits nerves race’s, Tell me I’m lying what we believe in is our truth,

It’s all lying it’s crying out loud spat in our face as we get used by their ways,

Evil is the rule of the true missions paralyzed our ways they told us it will be a better place,

Surrendering to it all is surrendering what little faith we got which is not facts it’s all written by advanced bots,

By somebody by a nobody can say they know, With only learnt rubbish that they use to distract us,

Cause they believe in false prophets false visions and mostly false selling of the cattles that is portrayed as us,

So when I look around I feel alone in such a big place everyone knows each other,

Not from face to face interactions, It’s all about fast paced hands on technology,

It’s sad and it angers me in more then one way,
Because most are about the Thirst for money with there selfish self centered ways,

Then when we advanced it wasn’t to bring people closer to there loved ones, It was to push them apart from their loved ones,

As the masses develop loss of inspiration the losses will vanish like a heatwave,

An unforgiven cycle as we slip through the rabbit hole while it gets tighter and tighter like a leash,

When I look up to the sky I can barely see the the clouds of its once morning beauty,

Lines mark the skies chris crossing, Why waste that much money on fuel if it’s nothing to worry about,

Endless effort as the particles fall 26,000 feet down and crumble our organic fruits and vegetables,

People are starving around the world and dying  of hypothermia, It’s 2019 and the poorer countries our still suffering from hunger,

But it’s fine people will say we have our supermarkets, that has fresh food at hand of one’s  choice by money paper,

Soon be a cashless society no more banks no more balances locked down we our a max Controlled society,

Not seeing the bigger picture is a clouded mind that is clouded by putting all your bets down on trust,

As it folds because you can’t have freedom of speech you can’t say what you feel anymore, Without upsetting  the rules that have been made to manipulate us,

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