I don’t know what I’m exactly feeling but I do know I want it all I want the quite nights in with hugs and kisses,

I also want that type of adventure with her at a drop of a hat nothing as scary as indain Jones,

When I find my Queen she will know as when I look into her eyes I’ll be hypnotized with just my eyes,

I love it how a woman looks at you when she’s in love with you it’s bittersweet and for that moment time stops,

It’s like she’s looking at her favourite dessert not needing to lick her lips but damn I’d lick and kiss those lips,

As long as she can handle my advanced mind set thinking overly outta the box as I sit there and dream of dreams,

not done but there’s a possibility them dreams will be reality with time When I come down from cloud 9,

Just sit with me and read me as I read you a connection without touching that comfortable silence one can indulge in,

Is the only rhyme body vibrations cast out is a connection worth exploring,

Not knowing what will be as it leads up to the actual touching,

We don’t need scripts here as our bodies will do the talking and glide as one,

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