My last poem

I’ve known you for most of my life we both said forever,

Now in your presence I don’t know the person who stands in front of me,

We became strangers over time when we were lovers,

Hugs and kisses felt empty time and effort was never,

Why do we stay to see where we go it’s where we stay and stay we must not,

I’m tired of this thing that’s never going to let go it’s eaten at the flesh and now it won’t stop,

I know now see what it lays beneath me I see it from a distance,

Can’t get back what we had can’t move forward cause of the passed,

Tell me I’m lying even if you did, believing you would go against my belief,

Should I stop trying should I lay low should I stop caring,

Nope I can always stop trying I can never stop caring who am I fooling,

The mind can always be fooled my heart can never be,

I know now that you’ve made up your mind I can see it,

Blinded by the curtain veil that’s covered over your eyes,

There was a time long ago a time what we said meant something,

Words blown across without actions speaks volumes,

We started off as two Red roses that always blossomed,

Now we sit and watch it crumble into a dozen black roses,

Slowly ever so slow dying of thirst my rose petal shall now die alone,

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