No title needed.

My eyes bounce off her beauty like a feather drifts in mid-air,

I looked towards her lips as one gazes towards her perky breasts,

Excuse me! She mumbles in a quite innocent tone,

She speaks only for a short few moments,

A warmth heat arose from her mouth tongue full of juice
delightful no dealt,

I can smell the menthol cigarette on her tongue as my nostrils start to flare,

My heart starts to race as each marathon starts to pump,

Of nervous of fear of disappointing myself from revealing my answer,

My confidence leaks out of me like a broken fountain with sprinkles,

I wipe my mouth and swallow throat is dry like wood chip first cut,

She smiles as each cheekbone rises higher than the other,

A set of white gleaming teeth like snow crystals appear,

I’ve been meaning to tell you,

When oceans passed as sunset set deeply in its place,

My feelings grow strong stronger each week,

We know this cannot happen so lets both enjoy each others company,

If only for one day if only for one night,

I picked up her soft hands and kissed them,

Smiled pulled her close to me we hugged until the candle burnt out,

Burnt out from the stick never from our hearts,

Some things are best just left in the dark,



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