Welcome to my Thoughts Of Creation

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What’s good people hope everyone is excited as me to reading this as I’m writing it. I started this site to pass time and to rub ink to code you could say or maybe you could say it the other way around or just don’t read that bit at all lol.When making this site it was only meant to be a love poem site but how much can one write about love and still have words left over to talk about love lol if you get my drift I don’t even know if I just got what I said nevermind 🙂 .As you can see my flow changed to other stuff which isn’t love change is good they say. Had to rewrite this post as it wasn’t doing me any favors every time I read it it made me cringe 😐 . Is this the part where I write about myself hmmm I would rather talk about the site, to be honest, ok just a few lines about me something that you probably already know how I’m writing which is a sense of humor comes first with me and being serious comes after some people find this annoying but still can’t get enough of a Pisces 😛 . Second thing (is) half the time you find me swimming around looking to try something new because things get boring real quick and its very hard to keep my mind on one thing unless it’s something I really enjoy. Even then I find a reason to not finish what I’ve started and swim off I’m (trying) to change this about myself. I guess I’ll stay here for a little longer as writing is what I enjoy doing 😉